Washington University of Health and Science Medical School

Washington University of Health and Science Medical School Campus
The Washington University of Health and Science (Belize) is a new and innovative institution, dedicated to the highest standards of preclinical education and the broadest possible range of experience of clinical medicine. We are dedicated to the process and excited by the experience of teaching and learning medicine, which is why we are part of a medical school rather than in private practice or at a research institute.
We will also strive to keep in sight the human values, ethical principles and spiritual dimension without which medicine cannot be properly practiced. These are the most important attributes of any physician, and we have been at pains to select applicants who already possess them. The scientific portion of the curriculum will periodically emphasize them, and we have made sure that they are repeatedly addressed in the outpatient and hospital teaching programs in which you will gain clinical experience.
WUHS (Belize) is a community of professionals committed to excellence in the education of highly qualified students in medicine. Through life-long learning, research and service, WUHS (Belize) challenges faculty, staff, students and alumni to improve the well-being of the diverse community it serves.