University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio

University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio Campus
The mission of the School of Medicine is to provide responsive and comprehensive education, research and service of the highest quality in order to meet the health-related needs of the citizens of Texas. In all aspects of fulfilling this mission, the School of Medicine is committed to demonstrating particular sensitivity to and focus on the South Texas region while fostering the broadest diversity and inclusion that ensures successful achievement of the institutional priorities to:
-Cultivate a pervasive, adaptive and respectful environment promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, professionalism, humanism and opportunity
-Provide exemplary medical education and training to a diverse body of health career professionals at all levels while fostering a commitment to scholarship, leadership and life-long learning across the educational continuum.
-Build and sustain recognized leadership, and advance scholarship excellence across the biomedical and health-related research spectrum
-Deliver exemplary and compassionate health care to enhance every patient's quality of life
-Serve as a responsive resource to address community health needs whether local or global
-Attain health equity for the diverse patient population of South Texas
Statistics for accepted applicants (2008-2009)
GPA: 3.58
Science GPA: 3.47
Overall MCAT Score: 30
MCAT Written Score: P
Statistics for accepted applicants (2011-2012)
GPA: 3.7
Science GPA: 3.7
Overall MCAT Score: 32
MCAT Biological (BS) Score: 11
MCAT Physical (PS) Score: 11
MCAT Verbal (VR) Score: 10
MCAT Written Score: P