University of Sydney Medical School

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Undertaken once students have already completed an undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at the University of Sydney Medical School is a world-class, graduate-entry degree in medicine.
The four-year medical program includes weekly clinical experience in leading hospitals from the very first weeks, regular PBL (problem-based learning) exercises in small groups, traditional lectures with expert practitioners, and ongoing opportunities to participate in research.
In years 1 and 2, medical students gain hands-on experience in a structured, supervised program with regular patient contact and weekly clinical school participation. In years 3 and 4, Sydney medical students transfer to a clinical school full time for further in-depth exposure to clinical practices. Students will also complete an elective term, preferably with one of Sydney Medical School's international partners, and may elect to undertake an honours research project.
During the MBBS degree, students acquire a thorough grounding in fundamental medical sciences and human anatomy, with the option to attend intensive dissection classes over summer. There are also compulsory independent learning activities (with numerous international opportunities), an eight-week rural rotation and pre-internship training, including preparation for North American registration, if you intend to practice in the USA or Canada.
From the first weeks of medical studies, Sydney Medical School students interact with patients in hospitals and clinics. Students gain hands-on experience in a structured and supervised program through the first two years of the course and will be well-prepared when they transfer full-time to their clinical schools in third and fourth years. The early clinical experience also provides a context for lectures and problem-based learning.
Sydney Medical School has clinical schools in an extensive network of leading NSW hospitals. These hospitals offer the most advanced health care in the state and nationwide. Students learn with doctors who are leaders in their fields. There are more than 40 clinical teaching facilities in Sydney Medical School's network, including its rural teaching hospitals, general practices, community health centres and Aboriginal Medical Services.
A specific goal of Sydney Medical School is to foster students' research skills during their medical studies. The Sydney Medical School is a leading health and medical research organization, teaching is research-led, and students are taught by health and medical researchers who are foremost in their fields. Sydney Medical School students are encouraged to undertake research projects during the program, to participate in international experiences, and to be equipped to practice in the medical field anywhere in the world.