University of South Carolina School of Medicine

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Campus
In the past three decades, the University of South Carolina's School of Medicine has emerged as a national leader in primary care medical education, pioneering research, and providing humanistic patient care. Noted for its high-quality medical education, the School of Medicine provides its students with one-on-one instruction that lasts throughout their medical studies.
The School of Medicine is located on a beautiful 100-acre suburban campus, just four miles from the University of South Carolina's main campus. The backgrounds, educational interests, and experiences of our students are as diverse as the health concerns we are faced with today; yet they share one common medical pursuit: a desire to advance health for the benefit of South Carolinians and citizens around the globe.
A distinguished core faculty of basic scientists and clinicians brings a variety of outstanding academic training and plant the seed for life-long learning. This core faculty is complemented and enriched by a large number of community physicians who participate in both hospital clerkships and office preceptorships.
With research as a major focus of the University, medical students have access to state-of-the-art research facilities and have the opportunity to learn alongside a dynamic team of research scientists.
The School of Medicine provides exceptional patient care through the University Specialty Clinics. Practicing physicians are the medical educators who are preparing future doctors at the School of Medicine. University Specialty Clinics represents a strong partnership between academic medicine, community hospitals, healthcare organizations and private clinicians.
To improve the health of the people of the state of South Carolina through medical education, research, and the delivery of health care.
Statistics for accepted applicants (2008-2009)
GPA: 3.7
Science GPA: 3.67
Overall MCAT Score: 27.9
MCAT Written Score: P
Statistics for accepted applicants (2011-2012)
GPA: 3.8
Science GPA: 3.8
Overall MCAT Score: 29
MCAT Biological (BS) Score: 10
MCAT Physical (PS) Score: 9
MCAT Verbal (VR) Score: 10
MCAT Written Score: P