University of Queensland School of Medicine

University of Queensland School of Medicine Campus
The University of Queensland (UQ) School of Medicine conducts a four-year, graduate-entry medical program, the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).
Designed to produce doctors able to meet the challenges of the new century, the curriculum captures the enthusiasm and maturity of its graduate entrants and help them develop into highly skilled medical graduates capable of entering the wide variety of career options open to them.
Key features of the medical program include:
- the simultaneous learning of basic, clinical, biological and social sciences;
- the improved teaching of communication skills;
- the use of learning approaches that encourage lifelong learning skills;
- the incorporation of ethics and professional development as an integral part of the program; and
- the incorporation of modern information technology and computing skills to ensure that graduates are able to utilize the advances in technology to improve their learning skill and knowledge acquisition.