University of Melbourne Medical School

University of Melbourne Medical School Campus
The Melbourne Medical School is internationally renowned for its global leadership in teaching and training, and health research, policy and practice. Its first students commenced in 1862 (and its first women students in 1887) making it the first medical school to educate doctors in Australia. The strength in research is based on outstanding graduates and world leading researchers. Our alumni include Nobel Laureates Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet (1960) and Sir John Eccles (1963). As part of the University's strategic plan for undergraduate 'New Generation' degrees leading to professional entry courses, in 2011 the Medical School introduced a new medical course. The Doctor of Medicine or MD qualification will replace the previous MBBS course with graduation of the last cohort of MBBS students in 2013. Our Biomedical Science Departments also teach into the Bachelor of Biomedicine and Bachelor of Science degrees, which form excellent pathways into the MD course.
Melbourne medical graduates are equipped to become outstanding doctors and world class leaders in different fields of medicine. Students benefit from the University's strong partnerships with excellent general and specialist teaching hospitals, as well as some of Australia's finest Medical Research Institutes.
The goal of the Melbourne Medical School for 150 years has been to produce fine doctors who will contribute to their community through prevention and treatment of illness and provision of medical care. At the same time we aim to advance medical knowledge and the science that underpins these advances. This proud tradition continues with our current emphasis on teaching and learning, research and research training and community engagement.