University of Kentucky College of Medicine

University of Kentucky College of Medicine Campus
We are an academic medical institution dedicated to providing superior education and training in order to produce highly qualified, caring physicians to serve the people of Kentucky and the nation.
One of six colleges comprising the UK Medical Center (Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health), the College of Medicine is located on UK's main campus in scenic Lexington, Ky. Take a virtual tour of our Medical Campus.
UK's Kentucky Medical Curriculum, a national model, relates scientific principles and concepts to the prevention of disease and to the delivery of modern, compassionate medical care. Because students with diverse backgrounds and interests pursue a variety of medical careers, the curriculum provides the knowledge and skills essential for further professional development. The Kentucky Medical Curriculum emphasizes early longitudinal clinical experiences, integration of the basic and clinical sciences, teaching in ambulatory clinic settings and primary care. UK's curriculum uses many learning methods, including standardized patients, clinical training models, computer-assisted instruction, human-patient simulators, problem-based learning, small-group tutorials, interactive lectures and laboratory exercises.
Setting its sights even higher, UK is currently embarking upon an endeavor to further enhance its medical curriculum. Realizing that medical students rotate in and out of clinical experiences, UK recognizes that students often see glimpses or"snapshots" of chronic illness and do not witness how it affects the patient and his or her family. UK groups rotations to provide the opportunity for students to follow a patient's care over a 16-week period.
Statistics for accepted applicants (2008-2009)
GPA: 3.75
Science GPA: 3.74
Overall MCAT Score: 30
MCAT Written Score: P
Statistics for accepted applicants (2011-2012)
GPA: 3.8
Science GPA: 3.7
Overall MCAT Score: 31
MCAT Biological (BS) Score: 11
MCAT Physical (PS) Score: 10
MCAT Verbal (VR) Score: 10
MCAT Written Score: P