Universidad Central Del Caribe

Universidad Central Del Caribe Campus
The Universidad Central del Caribe (Central University of the Caribbean) is a private non-profit university in Bayamon, Puerto Rico offering graduate studies and professional certifications in health sciences. It was founded in 1976 in the municipality of Cayey, but since 1990 all its facilities have been integrated into one campus at the grounds of the Dr. Ramón Ruiz Arnau University Hospital in Bayamón.
Statistics for accepted applicants (2008-2009)
GPA: 3.38
Science GPA: 3.15
Overall MCAT Score: 20.1
MCAT Written Score: M
Statistics for accepted applicants (2011-2012)
GPA: 3.5
Science GPA: 3.3
Overall MCAT Score: 21
MCAT Biological (BS) Score: 8
MCAT Physical (PS) Score: 7
MCAT Verbal (VR) Score: 6
MCAT Written Score: M