Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Campus
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons is guided by the principle that medical education is university education.
The acquisition of knowledge and skills is important in professional education, but far more vital is a profound understanding of the science, the art, and the ethic within which both knowledge and skill are applied. As a part of Columbia University, the College builds its curriculum, selects its officers of instruction, and marshals its enormous resources of equipment and clinical experience to develop in the student this understanding of medicine.
The College of Physicians & Surgeons is part of a unique collection of health sciences schools that make up the Columbia University Medical Center, an integral part of the Washington Heights community in upper Manhattan—one of New York City's most diverse neighborhoods. Every day P&S faculty, staff, and students work towards our mission—to care, to discover, to educate, and to make life better for people in need.
P&S provides international leadership in educating physicians, physician-scientists, and research scientists; in caring for patients ranging from those who can select any physician in the world to our neighborhood's most vulnerable residents; and in conducting basic, translational, and population-based research to improve human health.
One of the nation's most research-intensive medical schools, P&S is consistently ranked among the best medical schools in the nation. P&S attracts students with idealistic values and the highest aspirations for excellence. Students have MCAT scores and grade point averages that are among the highest in the nation, and P&S has one of the most diverse student bodies of any medical school in the U.S. Also, our graduate research programs have been judged among the most productive as measured by their scholarly contributions.
Statistics for accepted applicants (2008-2009)
GPA: 3.77
Science GPA: 3.78
Overall MCAT Score: 35.1
MCAT Written Score: Q
Statistics for accepted applicants (2011-2012)
GPA: 3.8
Science GPA: 3.8
Overall MCAT Score: 35
MCAT Biological (BS) Score: 12
MCAT Physical (PS) Score: 12
MCAT Verbal (VR) Score: 11
MCAT Written Score: Q