Planning your MCAT Prep

Getting start with planning your MCAT preparation

When preparing to write the MCAT, a good initial question to consider is how much time you are going to have to get ready. It can be difficult to study for the exam when you are taking 5 full-time university courses, volunteering and taking on other extra-curricular activities such as research. Summer break may be your best option. Your initial assessment should also consider how much you already know of the MCAT’s curriculum. For instance, if you are a physics major, then you can safely assume that you know much of the MCAT’s physics. With that said, at the early stages few students are well prepared for all areas of the exam. Doing research is helpful here. You should know what you are facing – that is, understanding exactly what is covered on the MCAT and what is required to succeed on the MCAT relative to where you already stand. Completing one or two practice MCATs to perform a self-evaluation may be a useful practice, but don’t be alarmed if your scores are lower than you expect. It will be possible to improve them with only weeks to months of preparation.

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